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CanAmera Machine Tools specializes in spare parts for most of "TOS" machine tool types. 
We do stock most common parts at our location: 

Speciality Bearings

We stock speciality bearing used for machine spindles as well as other bearing used on the machine, which are not a common items at most of general bearing suppliers.

Ballscrews and Leadsrews

Due to wide range of used ballscrews and leadscrews we do not stock these locally, however we provise reasonable delivery times and efficient price levels.


We do stock major pumps for hudraulic lubrication and tool cooling systems.


We provide various speciality switches like:

  • mechanical limit switches
  • proximity limit switches
  • pressure switches
  • emergency stops, push buttons, etc.

Tool clamping parts

New genuine parts in stock:

  • Tool collets (Grippers)
  • Various retention knobs (Pull Studs)
  • Clamping cylinder seal kits


Electomagnetic and mechanical clutches available in stock:

  • Electro-magnetic clutch for W75
  • Clutch disks
  • Clutch fingers


We stock filters for your immediate needs:

  • Coolant filters
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Air filters, etc.

Magnetic Valves

We stock all magnetic and relieve valves for hydraulic and lubrication systems as well as lubrication dosing machines.

Machine Manuals

We deliver machine maintenance and operating manuals for most of "TOS" brand machinery. Some manuals for most popular types are in stock.