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Our service is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable support. We cover most of service works to satisfy needs of machine tool users:

Machinery Installation and Commissioning Services
  • Machinery installation
  • Machine leveling and squaring
  • Disassembly for proper shipping
  • Machinery setup
  • Machinery alignments

Proper machine installation is critical to holding tight tolerances, longer tool life, and machine reliability. If your machine is not square or the bed has twist, this can affect your ballscrews, alignments and much more...

If you would like a qualified technician to install your machine or would like to request a quote please contact us and we will provide you with one.

Electrical and mechanical troubleshooting

Our team deals with most of common situations arising during the machine usage. Their skills allow efficient troubleshooting and machine repair to get the machine back into production.

Preventive maintenance services

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Programs are critical to maintaining equipment and keeping it within a satisfactory operating condition. By creating and maintaining a Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Program you can eliminate potential problems, plan for scheduled downtime and extend the life of your machinery.

What can our Service company do for you?

  • Create a Customized PM Program
  • Perform Preventive Maintenance on all your machinery and equipment.
  • Create a machine baseline & check machine accuracy with a high precision Ballbar test.
  • PM Programs and machine service will be performed by Qualified & Trained CNC Service Engineers.
Operator's & maintenance training

Did you hire new machine operators or maintenance workers? We provide training in your own facility. Our convenient on-site training allows multiple operators to train at once, and familiarize them with machines of supported brands.

Ball bar analysis

We perform Ballbar testing and analysis on all CNC machinery and CNC equipment. If you need help in determining your root cause of your machining issues and need to help isolate a specific axis, control problem, lubrication problem or problems in other areas a ballbar test might be right for you. Ballbar testing is used as part of many Preventative maintenance PM programs as well as a predictive maintenance tool.

Laser calibration

Our team of experts utilize state-of-the art diagnostic equipment to evaluate your machine tool’s geometry error. They evaluate the error plot to determine if the errors can be calibrated through routine mechanical adjustments or servo tuning, and if discovered that major calibrations and/or repairs are required to compensate for worn and/or damaged parts, and will submit recommendations to the client accordingly.

System upgrade

When you make your decision to upgrade software version of your machine control system, make sure you will get the PLC software modified according to the new requirements. There are high risks to get unwanted modification of certain software functions which may lead to increased risks when operating the machine.

Consult available options with us in such situations.

Software modifications

When you decide for additional machine accessory or optional features, the software changes may be necessary too. Our skilled software engineers will be pleased to create solution for your project.

Application engineering

Using manufacturer's resorces we provide application engineering an programmer's training, utilizing your own project. We facilitate education specific to a customer's machining application, process or environment.