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New Products / Lathes

Universal Center Lathes / SN 50C

SN 50 C is universal center lathe for professional users designed for piece and small-lot production suitable for maintenance and repair divisions as well. It is customers´ classic with main motor output of 5,5 kW.


Most important features:

  • Positive price/value ratio
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long lifetime
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy and ergonomic control
  • High turning precision
  • Various versions with wide range of optional accessories

Swing over Bedinch19.7mm500
Swing over Cross Slideinch10.6mm270
Distance Between Centersinch39.4 - 78.7mm1 000 - 2 000
Swing in Gapinch27.6mm700
Spindle Boreinch2.04mm52
Main Motor Power OutputHP7.5kW5.5
Speed Range1/min22 - 2 0001/min22 - 2 000