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New Products / Band Saws

Pivot semi-automatic bandsaw machines - machines are equipped with a high-performance industrial hydraulic unit. The whole cutting cycle - work piece clamping, switching-on the saw blade, cutting, saw blade stop, raising the arm to the initial (adjustable) position, vice opening - takes place after pressing a single switch. This, in connection with a hydraulic feed into the cut, substantially increases the cutting productivity, especially of full materials. Individual control of all functions also available. Manual work piece feed.  S.A.F.  versions are equipped with stronger motor and frequency changer, which provides for an optimum blade speed control between 15 - 90 m/min. Optimum setting of the saw blade speed improves the machine productivity, cutting accuracy and saw blade lifetime.
Types marked with a plus are fitted with a more robust vice system with a dual range of cutting angles of 60 ° to the right and 45 ° to the left, as opposed to the standard version that allows for a continuous adjustment of the saw blade arm only unilaterally within 90 ° and 60 ° to the right. Vice pressure control is also part of all  ARG S.A.F.  machines.